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S.N.A. Oushadhasala is one of the earliest institutions in Kerala established in 1920. At beginning, it was a small manufacturing unit of classical Ayurvedic formulations, which satisfy the need of the Family physician but later broadened the services to other Ashtavaidyas too. It survived all unconstructive attitudes during pre-independence time, emerged as most authentic place of health services. And in later decades, it represented Ayurveda to other part of the states, provinces and became worldwide. Presently SNA reach to the customer through 10 branches and 500 outlets throughout the country.

At present SNA institution has global acceptance with more than 500 classical formulations, 50 traditional preparations and 15 patent products. Classical formulations denote Kashayas(Decoctions), Arihstas and Asavas(Fermented forms), Tailas( Medicated oils), Ghrutas (Medicated ghee), Choornas ( Powders) Gulikas (Tablets), Lehas( Liqueres) etc forms from ancient treatises while traditional preparations are formulations transferred from generations of practice. Patent products includes syrups, creams, liniments etc., which fulfill the need of minor ailments for counter sale. It also represents the new generation pharmaceutical form with all ancient known ingredients. All the preparations are manufactured under the supervision of Ashtavaidyas with laboratorial tests done under department of quality control. Hence, it assures the time-tested traditional physical parameters with lab-tested chemical and pharmacological parameters. By following, the World Health Organisation’s guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) SNA received GMP certification that represents the good quality products of International Standard. To suit the convenience of consumers, all the products are packed in user friendly containers.

Export Division

Our export division manages to reach the customers in almost all parts of the world. Products are being exported to all parts of Europe, US, Russia, Middle East countries etc. Packing and labeling are modified to suit the countries regulations. We have the set up to supply the medicines at any country by meeting all the formalities and statutory rules & regulations.

Nursing Home

SNA Nursing Home made in Kerala Traditional Architecture is a well-known name in Hospital industry of Care-Cure Class. It includes Deluxe, A/C, and Non A/C single and double rooms with advanced telecommunication connection. It is on the way side to Thrissur- Palakkad Highway in the heart of Thrissur city with a distance of 2 kms from KSRTC and Sakthan Thampuran Bus Stand; 3 kms from Railway Station; 50 kms from Cochin International Airport besides its acceptance as authentic treatment centre, it received approval of Govt. of Kerala.

Nursing Home offers Panchakarma treatments in all the major ailments in general and Fibromyalgia, Low Back ache, Rheumatism, Parkinsonism, Headache, Psoriasis, Menstrual disorders in particular. Extensive research activities are also going on in Autism, Cancer and Renal Failure. Nursing Home provides all types of Ayurvedic therapies with special emphasis on Kerala unique techniques. All the therapies supervised by the Ashtavaidyas for the earliest recovery with legitimacy. Special therapy packages for Stress, Obesity, Anxiety, Rejuvenation, Detoxification and De-addiction are also in practice. At present it is a referral institute for many physicians and doctors and patients from Europe and US nationals too.


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